Refurbishment of Wooden Floors and Decks

Restoring an old house with beautiful wooden floors that were covered by carpets? Is your deck looking a bit faded and in need of some care? At Tree-Mendes we specialise in the refurbishment and restoration of all wooden floors and timber decking. Get in touch and let us restore these to their original condition.

Refurbishing Wooden Floors

When we sand timber floors, we first need to consider the following:

  1. How much wood is still available for sanding? Usually, ± 3mm off wood is removed during the sanding process.
  2. How were the floors initially sealed? It may not always be possible to re-seal the floor as it was originally done.
  3. What type of sealant should be used? This ranges from synthetic, water-based, and oil.

Types of Floors that can be refurbished and restored:

ALL solid wooden floors can be sanded and sealed if there is enough timber on the top of the boards.

Decking Refurbishment

When we refurbish decks we need to look at the following:

  1. Was the deck installed with clips or screws? This will determine whether it can be sanded as our sanding machines cannot touch the screws.
  2. Is there structural damage which needs to be replaced?
  3. What type of sealant needs to be used?

Types of Decking that can be refurbished and restored:

We can ONLY refurbish solid wood decking, and products such as Rhino Wood and Composite decking CANNOT be refurbished.

Approximate Costs to refurbish a wooden deck or solid wood floors:

The sanding and sealing process ranges from R 145.00 to R 240.00 per m2 depending on the size of the area and how much sanding is required. It also depends on what SEALANT is used. Some sealants are more expensive than others. These prices are calculated using local products, not imported products, such as Loba, Bona, Monocot, etc. These would increase the cost per m2.

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